Pillar to Post, or The Pocket-Lamp of Architecture by Osbert Lancaster, a humorous take on the history of architectural styles, was first published in 1938. In the introduction Lancaster states that the object of the book was ‘to induce an attitude towards architecture less reverent and of greater awareness, and to encourage the reader, when driving down the by-pass or riding on the tops of buses or just walking down the street, to take another look at the fantastic collection of buildings on either side which hitherto, maybe, he has been accustomed to accept without question on the grounds that “that’s architecture that was”and therefore not a matter on which he could possibly be expected to hold any views.’

These pictures of modern architecture reproduced here are (in order) as follows: Public-House Classic, Art Nouveau, Stockbrokers Tudor, By-Pass Varigated, Pseudish, Modernistic, Twentieth-Century Functional, Marxist Non-Aryan and Third Empire.